Wish People Well; Their Success Will Not Limit Yours

There are times people become bitter when they see their friends doing something notable. Their only reason could be that you have exceeded their expectation. There are some who are doing nothing and expect others to do same with them. There are some who are very influential, and they seem to bury their heart in the grave of wickedness. They also stand with the strong belief that others must suffer to make it themselves.

The most surprising one comes from your closest friend and family. Once you start receiving a standing ovation for your good work, they stop clapping for you. They are embroiled in hatred and jealousy.

I just want to echo this into your heart; we can win together. When you help or wish people to succeed it will never limit yours. The world is a big place with a lot of rooms for each of us. The reason why people who don’t wish others well don’t make it in life is simply because they attract exactly what they think.

We can all make it in life. We can all succeed together. Helping other doesn’t mean they will take your place; it only shows our path are different and we will succeed differently.

Help your friends and support their business and vision. Buy their products and give them the zeal to move on.

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