Let Me Dream Through You

This poem is dedicated to anyone with a broken dream but still had faith in others and supported them to succeed.


At the gas station of loneliness,

I sat there for years waiting for inner strength to push my dreams.


I watched many passed by me

Some were being carried on the shoulders of others.

Others were dragging themselves.

I grew up to know that I wasn’t in a competition with anyone. Therefore, I decided to gather my broken pieces again and move too.


I remembered Mama’s pain.

I felt Daddy’s silent cries.

But I held unto my broken dream


I felt within me that I wasn’t bargaining well in the market of success. I felt my wings were getting wet by fears, insecurities, and poverty.


I have done what I can do.

I have done my best.

Sadly, my best wasn’t enough. Because the systems that govern my external life are programmed to make me struggle.


I heard the taking off of a plane from afar.

I knew many other broken-hearted youths are in there going to seek greener pasture.

Oh! Can’t we succeed in our land?

The burden in my heart lowered my head. I knew life won’t be easy for them too.

I knew they will have to endure the cold weather and most will do menial jobs just to sustain themselves.

For them, that is compensation for their broken dreams.


Silently crying my heart, a piece of me spoke softly to me. It said I should rise again. But I ask to where?

For it is not only the one without a dream that is poor. But knowing what you want to do and not knowing how to turn it into a reality is double the pain.


I lamented.

I decided to settle on whatever comes my way.

I became average. I threw my dreams away. Even though I knew I was an entire ocean, I settled as a bucket with water.


But then my dream came alive when I saw someone trying to do what I wanted to do.

This time, I can dream once more.

I can become who I wanted to be.

So I supported the person even though I never fulfilled mine. I gave my best. I took responsibility for the person’s success. For taking responsibility without force for me was love.

Even with a weakened heart by a broken dream, I offered my strongest hands with love and service.

Here I am now watching his dream manifest.

Here I am now fulfilled.

For when I dreamt through him, I healed my broken heart. I became the person I wanted to be.

Just like a rainbow, my tears and joy reflected equally.

It is well


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  1. An amazing read i must say, the words were carefully crafted to describe the exact state most Nigerian youth find themselves, i hope for more solutions of clarity for those that are multitalented and don’t even know what to do with their lives. Well done Tsifodze.

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