Passion Led Us Here

Exactly 3 years ago, when I launched my first book.

The MC called 8 hours to the launch saying he can’t make it.

One of the guests called me 10 hours to the launch that he can’t make it.

I did the cleaning of the venue myself.

Took my bath and came to launch my book.

Few friends came around to help me.

Everything wasn’t looking too good.

But at the back of my mind I kept saying, it is just my beginning.

Today, I see my write ups in places I didn’t expect.

Some have printed it hanged it in their rooms.

Some have called me to ask me how they help me launch the second book.

After the launch, I paid off my debts.

And then again, I decided to give the books for free to some people and organizations.

I gave 1000 people free soft copy and donate 50 hard copies.

I gave it out because I wanted them to read it. I knew what I wrote. I believe in it.

I didn’t write it for fame or name, I did it for impact.

If today you see me or my post somewhere, keep these two sayings with you:

Don’t be offended when people don’t support you. Give people reasons to support you by pushing yourself.

Secondly, sometimes there is grace in failures. Grace is not always about happiness. Keep struggling but don’t bow your head.

It is well


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