Nothing Lasts; Embrace Impermanence

There are days things don’t go our way. There are times when everything is working for our good. These different pages of the same book have taught me how to embrace impermanence.
Whenever one is suffering, the person feels there will be no end to it. In some cases, the pains felt shapes the life of the person. Some believe pain is useful if channeled well. Others who don’t know how to handle pain become bitter in themselves.
Similarly, when one is happy, the ecstatic feeling makes one forget his sorrows. To some, they share their happiness with others due to empathy. To others, they feel excited but have fears of the worst happening.
Internalizing only negative things has become the new normal. Most people live life in fear.

As a poor kid before and now a privileged kid, I have learned to embrace impermanence.
Impermanence is a conscious state of being aware things don’t last. Disappointments that have etched deep marks in the lives of men stemmed from their inability to embrace change.
But the moment we embrace impermanence, we will understand empathy. That when things are up or down, one needs to develop equanimity. Live in a way that life’s ups and downs don’t carry you away.

You will come to terms with the fact that those two states don’t last. When you keep your faith formidable in the hard times, you can develop an affinity towards others in their hard times.

Always remember that pain is a teacher, so is happiness. So when you are happy, share it with others, and when others are sad, loan them your strength. Just like happiness and sadness are the same bucket from the same well, so is our life. But neither of these situations last.

May you be strong during your hard times.

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