Be Kind To Yourself, Too.

After we survived and got to the apex of the mountain. He saw the view and shouted, “I feel like jumping to end everything”.

I walked towards him when he was about to sit down. I asked him “why that comment”, and he said, “I think I have been taken granted in all areas of life”.

I paused, and I started telling him about my challenges, too. This was how I started it;

I used to be the sort of person who held grudges for the tiniest things. My love for creation was greater than the love for my creator. I always went out of my way to fulfill their needs. I was a people pleaser. But with time, I realized it doesn’t matter to others. It doesn’t matter to them what you do or what you have given up to them because you never spoke about your struggles.

They took the effort you had put for granted as if it was given for freely. Some of the closest people I once had a special place in my heart for, over looked my one mistake when I overlooked so many of theirs and left me shattered and that was the time I realized they were looking for a reason to go. I realized they wouldn’t come back but what they have left for me isn’t any less of a gift.

I learnt a lesson never to put creation above God… never ever…! But for those who are reading this message with me; I want you to forgive people who hurt you for the sake of your mental peace. Also, for your future and for your present, don’t count their mistakes. Forgive them for who they couldn’t be. Forgive them for who you thought they were. Forgive them for the memories you have made with them. Forgive them for the mark they have left on your mind and heart.

And if you have hurt others too, kindly forgive yourself. Accept the fact that you can’t change the past; you must relabel it in your mind. You can’t be perfect. Even those that we think are perfect only learned from their past mistakes.  Don’t be too hard on yourself too. I have realized that regret is stronger than gratitude that is why the dead receive more flowers than the living. But I want you to know that forgiveness of oneself is the key that locks the door leading to regret.

Take responsibility of your life and grow to become the person you want to be.



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