The Inner Lion

By Lawyer Barimah Onesimos

Life in it’s very nature has hidden treasures that requires a little search.

Many times, the success we seek are often closer than we can imagine. Yet, in our wildest search for glory, we look beyond our thoughts for that Jackpot which is in it’s very self within us.

Inherent in our minds,heart and soul lies the keys to our deepest vision, dreams and aspirations.

When the going gets tough in life, when the road seems blocked ahead of us and when night falls on our path, it therefore our sole responsibility to search the inherent light to pierce the darkness the clothe our hearts.

More often than not, we miss the target, we lose our way and close the gate just by the changing scenes of life. Whiles life itself professes that, “Nothing is permanent”. Seemly, the scenes of life are not permanent as well.

Therefore, one need to understand that regardless our scars and bruised in life;

We are powerful beyond measure(more than angels).

We are stronger than our fears.

In my best of knowledge and spiritual understanding, these things give me fulfillment;

  1. Have a good heart and do good with no expectation. In a world today where everyone probably wear masks, it is a privilege to see souls. And one of the quickest way to see the soul of people has to do with how they treat others with kindness and compassion.
  2. Pray often and believe in a deity…its soul fulfilling. Prayer is the key and the bedrock for all other things in life. It strengthen our standards of life which cannot be sustain by anything in these material world. Therefore, God is our ultimate father.
  3. Work hard, be diligent and serve with integrity. When your hearts and hands are clean, God rewards you in due time. Whatever you hands find, do it with deligence and love.
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