You Don’t Have to Be Useful to Deserve Love

Growing up as a child, I had one best friend named Francis. I was 8 years old. I recall how a lot of times he brings two plates of food to school with one reserved for me.

His behavior has been something that has stuck and lived with me for years. He was a true definition of kindness.

At that time, I couldn’t pay him in return in any kind. All I do is pray for him and ask God to help him in whatever he does.

During our school time, I didn’t see him for some months. I was told he was battling with an ailment. It has been 16 years now. But his love lived in my heart. And that has contributed to my development.

What I want to state clearly is that people don’t have to be useful to deserve love.

Many people today are waiting to befriend people they can benefit from. And possibly discard people who are positive yet in the processing gaining their feet in the world.

However, it shouldn’t be the case. We are not equal in life. Some will always be ahead of others. But the fundamentals should still be clear in our dealings; we should not love people if only it is beneficial.

The world is no longer round neither is it flat. The world is me and you trying to love ourselves with the little we have. Sow seeds of kindness in the lives of people. It could be in your speech and actions.

Trust me, one act of kindness can be the difference-maker. I am a testimony of people’s love and kindness when I had nothing.

In everything you do, just be kind.
Please be kind.

It is well

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