At the Crossroads

You bypassed the stranger I asked you to help.
You looked down on the jobs of others because yours was paying better.

I screamed we don’t have tomorrow, but you believed sleeping and waking up every day is normal.

You were proud of your life because you taught you had money.

I warned you that the poorest person is one with only money.

I told you relationships are currencies you can have too.

But you ignored me.
You fought me because I was being human.
Now, how much can you buy with all that you saved?
How many times can you hug and hold the hands of those you love?

You have become a stranger to yourself and the world.

You have missed the gathering of people.
You have missed connecting with people physically.
Here you are wondering tomorrow.
But tomorrow is never promised
Until then, lets love and respect people.
Let’s understand that everyone is important regardless of their job.

Let’s believe we need one another to survive.
Let’s understand wearing branded clothes doesn’t mean anything if there is nobody to watch.

Let’s appreciate people for who they are and not judge them by what they do and how much they earn.

I wish your money could pick a chair, sit and talk to you.

You need a deeper language that your money can’t speak and understand.

Now go and pick up your phone.
Tell someone you are sorry.
Tell someone you love them.
Tell someone they matter.
Most importantly tell someone they are enough.
What people need is to love and be loved.

It is well

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