How to Defeat the Fear of Coronavirus

I was frightened at the height of deaths around the novel coronavirus. Everybody almost felt the same.

Standing on the fourth floor of my office building, I could hear the loudness of the street. Almost everybody is running to safeguard themselves and their families. It is just like adhering to the oxygen mask theory of life. Naturally, people take care of themselves first.

The shopping centers saw a huge turnout of panic buyers ready for the stockpiling. Some fought among themselves to get some of the commodities, others went back home with nothing.

Amidst of all these is the real disease called “Fear”. We fear tomorrow and it is even worst when we don’t know if we will be alive to meet it. All the same, fear is what is controlling some people.

I decided to take some stroll in the morning to look at the emptiness of the street. I can see most of the busiest street silent. Even the streets give a pictorial view of the fear people are experiencing.

Walking back home was difficult because the street showed me others who were afraid but had nowhere to go. The children, the adult and the aged. They didn’t even know what was happening around them. They may have gotten a clue, but they don’t have solutions.

Well, like I emphasized that humans naturally tend to secure themselves first during adversities.

But I believe this crisis is teaching us to strengthen different muscles in our lives. The muscles of love, compassion, and mercy.
We have so far said a lot of prayers. Many governments and international bodies have prescribed measures for us to follow. But we need to think of how to care for others in this special period.

This is not the time for exploiting vulnerable people by hoarding commodities. We have to ask ourselves different questions such as,
Can I donate some of the things I have to others?
Can I give some food to those who don’t even have the means to buy some for themselves?
Can I call and check up on my friend?
And If I am praying, can I say a little prayer to my neighbor or the stranger out there?
This is the time for us to make sure our actions and inactions don’t affect those around us negatively. The more we connect, we stand a higher chance of defeating fear.

Let us practice compassion, love, and mercy to help fight our challenge. The world can be better with your effort. This time we need you and when you are coming to the table of love, please bring others along.

With love, faith, compassion, and mercy, we can fight coronavirus.

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