The End of All Argument Is Results

Result speak for itself

Please think of this analogy for a second.

Supposedly, you meet an airport worker with over 30 years’ experience but has never boarded a flight. How would you feel about this?

Most of us feel like the worker all the time.

People toiled and labored through the processes and stages in life, but have nothing as a prove. The Psalmist put it nicely by saying,” It is vain for you to rise early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows……..”

Further to that, society has worsened the situation by burdening people with their definition of how success. Amidst these trials, only a few have been able to rise above this situation.

One of our deepest needs is to have results that will speak for us. Sometimes we speak too much when our results must speak instead.  The greatest commission in the bible stated, “Go into the world ….and be a witness…to all nations…”

Even the power of results has been encapsulated in the bible. Every “Witness” is supposed to have a piece of evidence. And the evidence is the result. For many Christians, they have failed in this light. They profess God in many dimensions but have only witnessed a little of him. 

For us to impact effectively in any dimension in life. We need results. Of course, the process is important.

But you have to enjoy the process with the results in mind. 

Imagine teaching prosperity with the evidence of it.

Imagine talking love with the evidence of it.

 Imagine professing compassion with the evidence of it. 

The impact will be greater and long-lasting.

This cut across many spectra of life. Believers in many faith could do more for their God if they live the faith they practice and preach. For some you may be the only holy scriptures they will read in their lives

Let your results speak for you even after you depart this world. It may not be necessarily about your material possession. It could be in your deeds, actions, and words.

Live beyond your grave.

It is well

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