Being Good Is A Reward In Itself

During my conversation with a friend, he made a remark that has been with me since.

He said, “ having good values and principles is a privilege”. I pondered over his words, and I felt It will be good for me to share some thoughts with you.

Being in a diverse group in India, I got to the chance to make meaning of myself due to our differences in the group. People have several times contended with me on the fact that, there is nothing like good or bad.
I strongly believe everything in the world is very complex. Even waking up from your bed is not as easy as we see it. However, in terms of what is good and bad, I appreciate, it varies depending on our cultures, which has shaped our society.

Holding on to this cultural difference, I still stand with the fact that there are universal truth. There are things that when you do, you feel good within yourself.
These things can manifest both in our intentions and actions. Being kind and compassionate towards others has no bearing on your culture. It is an act that you have within yourself. But most probably, you have decided not to demonstrate it.

Being a good human is largely determined by how you treat others and see the world. If love people in the truest sense, you will help them and be kind to them. You will do everything in your power to help others grow. And if you see the world as a scared gift, you will make your intentions and actions a living sacrifice to God and mankind.

Someone can teach you how to be religious. But nobody can teach you how to be spiritual. You become spiritual when you own intentions,deeds and acts are done to make the world a better place.

In today’s world, we no longer need people with big qualifications, degrees and certificates. We need people who have big heart to love and heal others.

Being one of this persons is a reward in itself.
It is well

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