Those Who Shine From Within Don’t Need A Spotlight

Many people in the world today are struggling for attention and approval from others in order to live their lives. But I couldn’t help myself when I read in bible that “the gift of a man would make room for him. It went further to say it will bring him before kings and rulers of this world”. I paused for a moment and smiled.
I asked myself, if my gift will make room for me , then why won’t I rather spend my time to find what my gift is? Also if I know what I can do, then why shouldn’t I invest much time, energy and prayers to make them come through?

My piece of advice to you is that, if you find ingenuity in this life, you won’t end up trying to do thing that will make people like you. Instead you would do things that you love. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small, if you continue to fertilize them with effort, hard work and prayers, I can assure you that at the appointed time, God will lift you up.

Tsifodze Ernest once said “Shine from within and people will draw to your light. But if you seek light from others, you may wander in darkness when they leave you one day”.

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