She Held Her Life In Her Hands

On one sunny afternoon,  I was walking to the house when I met a man of God preaching  to the public in order to raise funds for a child who was struggling to live.
I was so sad to notice a plastic tube running through a transparent plastic cup over her nose. Her mother who helped her to sit handed the cylinder tank to her, which she held close to her chest, as if she was hanging on for her dear life. she was holding her life in her hands. The cylinder is her source of oxygen and without it, she would die.”

In this moment of deep appreciation for nature I suddenly was reminded of the truth that everything in creation existed for the sustaining of everything else. The plants need the sun, we need the oxygen of the plants, the plants need the carbon dioxide we produce, and the cycle continues.

This principle is also true in relation to every human being; you were created to serve an important purpose in the cycle of humanity and your generation needs you. Your gift is necessary for humanity. You exist not for yourself but for others. The essence of becoming a leader is discovering what you were given to serve your generation. Leadership is never for the leader but for those he serves.

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