Prisoner Of ‘Culture’

We are born into a culture that doesn’t believe in us. That culture is designed to makes us employee, dependent and to guarantee that all we would ever have in our life is to have a job.

All our system, education and our upbringing, have been designed to maintain that culture.

The common cliché about the people in this culture is “know your place”. That means there are some boundaries you aren’t suppose to cross; there are some areas you aren’t suppose to live and there are restriction you are suppose to live the rest of your life under. Most people called this culture “life”. We end up as slaves to the culture.

Most of us even die before we are buried. The culture has suppressed us and caused us to die before time. It has in fact devalued us.

Since all this is a mindset, I would say your mentality is your own prison. The mind is the key to life. “As [a man] thinketh in his heart [mind], so is he” (Prov. 23:7, KJv).

Therefore, your mental state is more important than your physical state. You are not free until your mind is liberated. You are not free until you are able to dominate an area of earth with your gift.

God will never allow you to become all you were born to be until you are sick of being what you are. You will never progress to God’s dream for your life until you hate the nightmare in which you were living. We must hate whom we used to be and completely abandon our past before God can make us whom He wants us to be. Remember-mental transformation is more important than physical relocation.

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