Leaders On The Track

Leaders don’t want to cross the finish line first. It is not because they are not fast. It is precisely because they want to cross the finish line with someone.

They prefer to cross with someone and be the last than to cross alone and be the first.

The paradox is that when you cross alone, there is no one there to celebrate with you.

The gap between the following and leadership is patience. This is because leaders have to be patient with them till they get the stamina to follow.

You have to understand that everybody is entitled to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But most often, people don’t see. It is the duty of leaders to lift their sight to see the light and carry following there.

You are not great if you make it alone or what you know is kept to you alone. Good leaders employ people but great leaders deploy people.

Success is what you do for yourself and significance is what you do for others.

Photo credit: beboy_photography

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