Fame And Influence Are Different

In life, the common observation I’ve made is that not everyone who is popular is necessarily influential.

The root word in population is popular. It could be said that popular refers to the huge preference of the population on n issue, a personality or a thing.

Jesus wasn’t popular, he was influential.

You don’t need to live long to be influential. Your age is not a measure of impact. Your greatness is trapped in your littleness.

Methuselah lived for 969 years the bible mentioned him only once with emphasis on his age.

Jesus lived for 33 and half years and he has influenced the whole world.

He never wrote a song

He never wrote a book

He never wrote a poem

But people did all for that for him.

Influence means to dominate positively in life and anyone who has influence is a person who is dominating an environment of their life positively.

All of us are influenced by somebody. Fame and influence are different. Influence is what last even after your death. Fame is like a flame one is goes up, it is gone. Influence means your life has so much dominion that even death can’t destroy it.

That is why we can remember Methuselah but we can’t forget Jesus.

Live a life of influence!

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