Chase The Dream Not The Competition

The world today has become a feirce ground where comparison, hatred, jealous has become the hallmark of our generation.

Partly, these issues can be blamed on technology( social media). At the other hand, it is based on the difficult of some to find their purpose in life.

Each and every person is born with a gift. This presupposes that everyone is capable of succeeding at something.
Instead of people looking for what they are good at; they use their energy to competite with people.

I have come to the understanding that some people will be higher than you and some will be below you. However, the difference lies in your ability to accept the realities and focus on improving yourself.

Pratically if you look at the redwoods, they are few of the trees that have shallow roots. Nevertheless, they last for over 1000 years. Why? simply because they search through the soil to look out for other redwood and when they find some, they intertwined. This kind of bond last forever. It goes on from the little redwoods to the grown ones.

That teaches one the power of accepting yourself and teaming up to work on the dream. Our dream is to make the world a better place. Instead of bitterness, envy and jealousy, let us come together and team up for a common goal.
Together we can all grow. Unnecessary competition will only increase diseases among us and kill our souls.

Identify what you can and cannot do. Test your potentials and learn to ask for help in order to push the dream. Even if people fail you, at least some people will help.

It is well


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