Poverty Of The Heart

In the world today, humans have evolved from loving things and using people. Growing up as a child I saw a new paradigm where people love people, but now it is not the same.  One of the popular saying is that, “Dogs are more loyal than humans”. To what extent would humans find solace in pets.

Our brokenness and insecurities have to do with the loss of compassion and love among ourselves. For this reason, a lot of people are living in great pain and agony. The last time I checked, dogs can’t tell us our mistakes.

Gone are the days when we use to find joy in the sunrise and sunset, the sound of a flowing river, and the sounds of rainfall. All these made our lives simple.

However, we have lost the love for these little things. We have created a void in ourselves by striving to replace people with things. All the same, people are getting more depressed every day. We have directed our attention to distractions in order find satisfaction.

This is the time to widen our table of compassion. There is a need to be selfless and treat people with love and compassion. That is the ultimate way to God. The mirror of our mind should be cleaned with love.  

The world is hungry for love. The world can’t survive on only physical food. We need love as a food for the soul. And it is up to you and me to make this happen. Let start with valuing and appreciating one another. This is the key to real happiness.

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