A Boss Has A Title; A Leader Has The People

Leadership is not about being in charge.Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge.

If Jesus was to be here today, he would admonish us to value and serve others.

One of the greatest example where he explicitly told his disciples to replicate was when he washed their feet.

Among the disciples, one betrayed him and another denied him. Yet he didn’t stop serving them.

No wonder he said, “The greatest among you shall be the servant”. Servanthood has to do with service over status.

We shouldn’t be so much obsessed with gaining titles and positions in life. Instead, we should make it a point to serve people with our gifts,talents and skills deligently.

That alone is the hallmark of great leadership.

If you want to be a good leader, serve people.
Be a bridge for them to cross on. However, one should always remember that bridges are always walked on.

But with love and compassion the foundation of these bridges will be rooted in the hearts of many.

Instead of making titles your priority, let us make service our roots. Invest in people and our lives will be beautiful


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