The Beauty In Pain Is Knowing You Are Still Alive

Before you read, take a long breathe.

How many times have you been rejected?
How many times did people make you feel less of yourself?

Now take a pause.

Can you remember the good you did in these moments of your life?

Probably just a few people can recollect.

There are countless of times where we have experienced deep pains and rejection from people that made us believe they will always be there for us.
As a result of these experiences most of us have got our hearts hardened.

But in my personal experience, I learnt a valuable lesson from a dog on what to do when one faces rejection.

Here is my story; We went for tracking at Polo forest. This excursion was organised by my school. Almost all of us reached the summit of the mountain.
But I was tired and hungry.

Our lunch foods have been packaged for us. I was about eating until I saw a skinny hungry dog staring into my eyes.
Many of the people around me despise the dog.But I could feel the hunger and pain that this dog was going through. Not to talk about myself, I was equally hungry too.

But I dropped my meal for the dog to eat. The dog ate half and quickly took the rest by mouth to other hungry dogs.

I was puzzle.
Right on my feet this dog made me believe true love is when you help other people even though you are struggling yourself.

But in order to reach these kind of phase in life. we have to build a garment of humanity.

Humanly, we have learnt to build strong foundation to protect our buildings from disasters. On similar lines, we have to build a foundation in our minds that help us fight the storms that tries to steal our joy.

Once these foundations are solid, we will smile through our pains. Our being alive is worth any pain we suffer.

This dog was rejected by many people yet when he got food from me he remembered the other hungry dogs.

In spite of rejection, with the right mindset one can smile through the storm with compassion and grace.

It is well

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