People Can Have More Than You And Still Be Jealous

When your soul is not rich, you always feel empty. No matter your bank balance or material possessions, you will crave for the little coin your friend has because it shines so beautifully in his eyes.
Everything is about You..You…You! They can be happy, but not happier than you. They can be successful but not more successful than you. You forget that we are different stars and we shine differently. And the truth is that, we will still shine anyway!
Learn to appreciate beauty in others, it doesn’t make you less beautiful. Be happy people around you make their positive strides, it doesn’t make your bank account any less. You will shine in your unique way and accomplish things in your unique way.
Learn to appreciate your blessings without questioning the blessings of others. Always remember this ” Those who shine from within don’t need a spotlight!
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