Silence Can’t Be Misquoted

The power of silence is very important in every sphere of life. This tool can be use as a shield against people who slander others.

There are people who gain their happiness from carrying people and tearing them apart. They eat people for dinner. What will one gain in bringing others down for no reason?

There is a need for careful observation among you all. Always remember that anybody who take things from people to you will also take things from you to people. There is the need to practice silence to protect yourself. Your silence can’t be misquoted by anybody.

But this is to those who are involving themselves in slandering others;

What you attack, you can’t attract

What you hate, you can’t have

What you don’t like, you must lack

Even if people wrong you, cultivate the habit of having short memory for evil and long memory for good things. Stop killing and devaluing people’s destiny with your mouth.

That is evil.


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