I Believe In Myself

When I was younger, I never respected the ‘law of gestation’. I can recall the moment when we were given an assignment in school, our teacher asked us to plant a seed at a vantage point and water them.  Due to my curiosity, I remembered, waking up early and digging the ground just to see if my seed is germinating. It took me several months before I saw my seed germinate. The only delay can be attributed to the fact that i did not respect the law of gestation.

The law simply means “the is a natural process and order to things one they have been planted. This law works almost in everything around us.

But I have a message for you the person reading this now.

All I want you to know is that don’t let the process between the time you declare what you want to become and the time it takes for it to come true make you worry.  It is going to happen and all you need to do is to trust the process.

You will manifest what you want to become. You must remain focus and unfold true self each day. Your purpose in this life is to find your purpose. All the same it will take some time for it to happen. Don’t allow doubts and fear cause you to go up digging for it just to see if it is working. You may not see it now. You just must believe in the process and trust that things will be fine in the end for you.

Timing is life’s best friend. Have faith in the unseen and your vision will become your reality. Just believe.



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