A Dramatized Faith

After carefully listening to numerous messages and reading the bible. I realized many religions are leading us astray from God. Instead of helping us to get closer to him, they are misleading us. Religion made me believe that I was created on earth with the main purpose of going to heaven. Little did I know that I never fell from heaven. Rather, I fell from the power of having dominion. I later realized that the Kingdom of God was to equip me to have dominion on earth and not to be in a hurry to go to heaven. Ever since I had those illuminations, I have stopped praying to God to take me to heaven. Rather He should help me know and fulfill my purpose on earth.

Religion made me believe that I am not of this world. And that there are certain types of jobs that are meant for the worldly people. But when I got enlightened, i realized the Kingdom of God gave me the mandate to govern the earth. I am supposed to go into any field and influence it with the culture of God. I do not need to isolate myself but I rather need to know the system and how it operates.

Further, religion made me believe a man is the head of the woman. But when I got enlightened through reading the Bible, I have become conscious of the fact that a man is not the head of the family, instead, a man is the foundation.

Let me give this assertion a touch of Real Estate knowledge: the weight of a building is shouldered by its foundation.
If you want to take a photograph of a building, you don’t get to take the foundation. You don’t even see it. Therefore, as a man, I don’t need to go about bragging when I am responsible. I only needed to hold the structure firmly. If the foundation is cracked, the whole building will collapse. I don’t want to burden my generation.

Also, religion suggests that when I sin, God will forgive me because he is ever loving. To some degree, I believed this. But the kingdom of God told me that what I sow, I will reap. Therefore, I am the sum total of all the decisions I make. I realized as a man I am a seed. If I start sowing bad habits, it is likely I will see their fruits in my generation. Therefore, I stopped living carelessly because grace was in abundance. I started taking responsibility for my actions and inactions.

Finally, religion instructs me not to associate with people of different faith. But through enlightenment , I realized that when God created one man, he never went back to the soil. Therefore, if I don’t love my neighbour, regardless of their race, creed or religion, then I don’t know God.

These are my reflections. You too can reflect and share your thoughts.

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