Pray And Think Ideas

Wealth is not the accumulation of physical, material possession. As a matter of fact, many of the people who have accumulated great resources are depressed, frustrated, confused or lost their families for the sake of that particular resource.

The great writer of the bible gave a statement about what God said about wealth. He said “I will give you the ability/power to make wealth”. God never said he will give us wealth. Amazing right? He said he will give us the power to create wealth. The Hebrew word for power means the ability to produce. God doesn’t give money; he gives ideas to make money. He gives you the power to create value around you. Wealth is about the creativity process; the ideas that go into creating value to live.

For example, KFC uses chicken, a common food but he found a way of making the chicken unique. In fact, his ideas are more important than the chicken.

If you want to be wealthy, don’t ask God for wealth.  Pray for ideas. Pray for the ability to see and perceive things that are not as if they are. Eyes that look are common, but eyes that see are rare. We are always surrounded with problems and there is a business in every problem if we solve it. Instead of seeing problems, start seeing solutions.

Solomon could have asked for anything but wisdom. When you pursue divine ideas, you don’t have to worry about riches. The bible says by wisdom, wealth and riches will come to your house. The next time you want to ask for God for something, pray for ideas!!!


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