What My Economics Teacher Taught Me For Life

Do you realise that you can’t be duplicate anywhere in the world. You have an identity in this world that nobody can duplicate. You are original and nobody can copy you.

During my days in school my economics teacher walked into the class. He said, “today we are going to learn about the economic principle of value”.

He continued, “the economic principle of value is based on the principle of rarity. The more rare a thing is the higher the value.
This is why Gold, diamond and crude oil is so valuable. They are rare. When you can find a lot of something it becomes cheap”

From this principle , we can understand that one is created to be permanently rare in this life.

You have something that you can do and do better than other people. It is time to find yourself.

Have you realised that people dig for diamond, gold and crude oil and to some extent others lose their lives in the process? You have to find yourself just like finding for Gold.

You are original, irreplaceable, and you should love yourself always.

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