The Bird In The Cage

A bird in a cage for so many years will doubt its ability to fly. It is time to free yourself from the opinions of people and pursue your purpose. – Tsifodze Kwadzo Ernest

Over the years, we hear people talk about success in various ways. I also deserve a space to talk about success but this time in a different angle. Some defined success by their job and position; others define success by their materialistic possessions and many more.

But the truth is that success is not something you try to achieve. Success is pursuing a purpose. Success is not what you have done compared to what others have done. Success is what you have done compared to what you knew you could have done. Success has more to do with fulfill your assignment than it has to do with beating someone in a race.

This is why success is very personal. It has nothing to do with others but you. Your purpose is what you have to strive for. Let us look at these examples; a trumpet has the purpose to blow a note, an iron has the purpose to press our cloths and piano has a purpose to produce sweet melodies.

Therefore a trumpet or piano on a nice table in your room for forty years is nothing but a decorated failure.

So success is determined by the purpose of a thing or person. So therefore wearing a new cloth and not pursuing your purpose is nothing but a well dressed failure. It is time to search deeper in your heart and start pursuing what you were born to do. Stop the rat race or comparison tactics. It is time to become what you were created for.

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