Time Tellers Vs Clock Builders

A lot of people can tell the time but only few are living the time in our generation- Tsifodze Ernest

The world is flooded with people who have good intentions. But it is sad to know that only few of them succeed. The reason is that they have special gifts and talent yet they don’t put in effort to make them come true.

Back in the olden days only few people had the skills to predict or tell the time. This procedure of time telling continued until the year 1200 when one person envisioned that and released that if we continue to tell time like this, the art of time telling was going to die when the time tellers were no more.

It is time for you build the clock. We have been crippled with mediocrity and excuses in our generation. We are dying every day as time passes without adding value to our generation. You have a dream that can solve a problem God knew they would ask your generation one day.  You have to make good use your gifts and talent before you die.

The only word in the dictionary that has success beginning it is succession. You must create a clock that your generation will inherit to make the world a better place. Clock builders focus on the bigger picture as well as long term success.

Become A Clock Builder!

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