The Elevator Principle

If you carefully examine an elevator, you would notice that it has two buttons showing up and down. These buttons are very powerful because they determine the direction you choose to go. Notwithstanding that fact, the elevator is also one of the most important components of any high rise building.

I figured out something about the elevator with respect to our normal lives. You have given certain people the power to press any button in your life.

But my question is, how many are pressing the upward button in your life?

This button is for people who lift you up, encourage you, believe in you and take you the next level. They are people who are adding value to your life. They want you to succeed at all cost regardless your circumstance or situation. This are the people who pray you make it to the top. The truth is that, the upward button takes you to the apex of the building.

The second question, how many are pressing the downward button in your life?

These people discourage you, they always look out for problems and they focus on your negatives. The truth is that when they press the downward button, they take you straight to the basement of the building. These people drain your life and make you miserable.

I urge you today to walk away from such poisonous people and create space for those who are there to make you reach your goals.

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