Youth of Ghana: The Broken Winged Birds

The state of the youth determines how successful or unsuccessful a country will be. That is to say when the youth are doing well, obviously the country will have a bright future. And the antithesis is true that when the youth are not doing well, the country is bound to failure.

I have personally seen how wicked most of our leaders are in the country. Most of them tied our future to big loans which will need generations to pay.

I have witnessed a country where mediocrity has been the hall mark of most of the public institutions. Not to mention of my own experience when I had to donate blood to my father. The very nurse, who is in-charge, was playing with her phone while I was waiting for her to call me and run a test first.

Our leaders have managed to bury our future long before we were born. And the most popular phrases they use is, “Don’t rely on the government”. Probably this statement has been one of the most stupid statements I have ever heard in my life.

They are forgetting the principle of dependency, independence and inter- dependency. When we were children, didn’t we all rely on the support of our parents or somebody in order to grow up? Did we grow up by ourselves? At the stage of dependency, we need the government to make proper policy and create the needed environment to make us do what we can also do.

If that is properly done, we can now be independent to pursue our goals and dreams

When we are fully matured, our country can also rely on us. We can also give back to our country.

But rather, they suppress us and make us slaves in our country. Foreigners come to our country and exploit us on our land. And I won’t forget when my Chinese boss in Huawei Head Office looked straight in my eyes and said, “We are just happy working for them and we have no desire to move ahead and establish ourselves.” I believe because our leaders bathe with the soap of corruption, they have loosened the system for these foreigners and thus are suppressing and collapsing most businesses set up by the locals.

We are no longer proud of our country. Most embassies today are flooded with young people who just want to run away from their own lives. Their only intention is for life to give them their daily bread regardless of the kind of work they will be doing in foreign lands.

Our hearts are broken and our wings are broken too. We can’t fly anymore; we can’t lift our flag high. We are very ashamed. We don’t want to even associate ourselves to our country.

People say Africa is blessed with resources but honestly we are blessed with wicked and selfish leaders. They have looted us and stripped us naked.

Therefore, my suggestion to youth is that, “we should shy away from negativity. We should support our own friends who are making strides in little ways. We should devoid ourselves from envy. We have to encourage them in whatever ways. Whatever they may be doing , market their products for them on your platforms.”

We have to find our own path and hold our hands firmly. Our disgraceful leaders have lost the script. We have to create our own path by supporting others or starting our little things that will generate into something bigger in the future to come.

We are the captain of our boots and master of our souls and together we can go far.

photo credit: shafichijazi


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