Stop Comparing Your Real Life Against Social Media Life

In our contemporary world, I sometimes feel like life has become some kind of competition.  Everyone’s trying to be more beautiful, richer, more perfect, more this or that than others. We forgot that life is an individual and unique experience, comparison is pointless because none of us are the same but it’s just becoming easy to get lost, forgetting about it and losing ourselves in the process.

This normally happens on various social media platforms where people portray who they are not to the world. This creates unnecessary competition among others. Well, I have a piece of advice to both those who are portraying this facade and those who are being caught up in this trap

Vex King once said “we must stop seeking social approval and instant gratification online. We are not worthy because of likes; we are worthy because we like ourselves”. Stop comparing yourself with others on these social media platforms. You might end up depressed. Just find your space, grow at your own pace and most importantly, BE TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE. Don’t borrow standards, set your own and only move the speed you can.

It doesn’t matter what other people are up to; it only matters what you are up to. Your competition is you. Outdoing yourself is your daily task, and that’s where your comparison should be. Everyone is on their individual paths. Everyone is moving through their stages at different rates. Someone might already be in the middle of their show, where it’s the most interesting, and you might still be working behind-the-scenes. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get your opportunity to go on stage and shine. Your time will come!

Relax and live your real life!

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