Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom

I have failed so many times but I have realized that failure is not my enemy- Tsifodze Kwadzo Ernest

There’s a story about a chicken farmer whose land was flooded nearly every spring. He didn’t want to give up his farm and move, but when the water backed up onto his land and flooded his chicken coops, it was always a struggle to get his chickens to higher ground.

Some years he couldn’t move fast enough and hundreds of his chickens drowned. After the worst spring he’d ever experienced and losing his entire flock, he came into the farmhouse and told his wife, “I’ve had it. I can’t afford to buy another place. I can’t sell this one. I don’t know what to do.” His wife replied, “Buy ducks.”

This story depicts a bad experience. I often hear people say experience is the best teacher. But that is not true at all. If experience is the best teacher, then, the older you get, the better you become. But it doesn’t happen that way. People experience bad things and still fall prey to those things again. Evaluated experiences are the best teachers.

His wife evaluated the whole situation and gave him a perfect solution. The next time you experience something bad; always remember you can learn from it. Sit down and analysis the situation (problem) and look out for best the way to turn it into wisdom.


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