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As I walked away from my room, I kept asking myself, “what am I going to eat? The money I had in my pocket was not enough to get me food. I still gathered the courage with the hope of getting food because I couldn’t go to bed hungry.

I walked pass the little 13 year old Muslim girl selling porridge. When I got to her, I received a call from a brother and we spoke. She was waiting for me to finish with my call in order to take my order. When I finished with my call, she asked me, “How much are you buying ” Quickly, I responded,” I want to buy but I don’t have enough to buy porridge and groundnut”.

I started counting my coins when I heard a little voice saying “Give me all that you have in your hands” . Hurriedly, i poured the little coins in her hands.

She gave me good quantity and added the groundnut as well.
I felt a bit shy and told her that I will bring her the remaining balance tomorrow. She smiled and said, “it is fine. Go and have a good meal”

I was pleased with her kind gesture from, even as I should be giving . At least, I was not going to bed hungry!

About 800 million people go to bed hungry every night, many of whom are children, while one-third of all food purchased in some developed countries is thrown away. It is true that life is not fair but that doesn’t mean we are not responsible in doing our part to change the world.

Few of us are in positions that we can make a difference in our country, much less in the world. We should be people- minded like the good Samaritan- one individual helping another. That is all it takes: one parcel of food, one bucket of rice, one donation, one offer of a meal to another.

Any action that results in even one less person not going to bed hungry is progress.

Be that person!

Photo credit: Bibin Thottungal

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