Why Fight And Compete Each Other, When The Real Enemy Is Poverty?

For some time now, I taken few steps back to watch people closely especially those in my circle. Today, I have appreciated the truth, that we can hear more when our mouths are closed. That for me is the power of silence.

One of the sad quotes I once read goes this way, “Sometimes people check up on you, just to see if their negative plan against you worked.” This is not just an illusion but a living reality.

There are people who gain their happiness from carrying people and tearing them apart with words and actions. They invest more time into pushing their negative idea without making room for working on themselves.

I am not impressed by your level in life, if you have to step on others in order to get there. Of what use will it serve, if you are constantly fighting against others? Whiles the real fight we have is against poverty- both spiritually and physically.

We were called to complete one another rather than compete among ourselves.
We were called to prioritize complements rather than criticism.

If one’s action is motivated by shear jealousy, it will only dry up your bones.

But just as you can’t control how people should treat you, I suggest you practice the art of silence. Silence is a powerful tool that can be use as a shield against people who slander you. Know what to say and what to keep. Especially be more carefully about anybody who take things from people to you. Trust me, they will also take things from you to people. When you learn how to control your tongue, you will live long in this troubled world.

To those who make others feel small, understand that;
What you attack, you can’t attract.
What you hate, you can’t have.

Even if people wrong you, cultivate the habit of having short memory for evil and long memory for good things. Stop killing and devaluing people’s destiny with your mouth. That is evil.

If it is about making it in life, understand we are all going to rise in our time. We are all different in our own skins. So, don’t compare yourself to others.

Let’s help each other. Anywhere you meet people cultivate the grace to encourage each other.

It is well.

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