You Are Important, But Believe Others Are Important Too

Believing in yourself is great, but believing in the potential of others is greatness-Tsifodze Ernest

Many at times people feel they are the most important in this life. They have a strong outlook about life which is tremendous. However, their inability to appreciate the genius in others too hampers their progress.

My experience with one of our administrators has stayed with me for a very time. It happened during my postgraduate studies.

I always wanted to write about it. But I couldn’t find the best caption to capture the essence of the article. I don’t intend to paint the administrator black. Most importantly, I want you to pick a few lessons from my experience.

It was on a Monday morning when we rushed to the class for the first lecture that day. Once we entered the classroom, we realized our names have been categorized depending on how we see and react to things. Not all the headings for the categories look pleasant.

Well, few of the students were put into categories that gave the rest the impression that they are not as complete as those individuals.

I gazed at the board for some time and laughed. I resumed my seat.

I was not too concern about where I was placed because I perfectly know myself including my weakness. But what bothered me was the fact of how people are quick to label others based on their outlook about them. But sadly, such people do not have the same urge when it comes to magnifying the strength of people.

Just like in the African culture when a woman is assertive, it is seen as arrogance and pride.

On the same note, people with low self-esteem have a poor outlook on people with high self-esteem. This self-defeating mindset is what has caused many to doubt themselves.

Small-minded people are victims of this act. It is very predominant in our country today. People always feel and think the way they see things, feel about things, think about things, and do things are the ideal. But they forget that because of our uniqueness, we all can’t see, feel, think, and do things in the same way.

Just like sameness creates comfort, difference creates uniqueness.

Again, the kind of baggage people have carried over the years is being projected on others.

I believe we are all different and have something to contribute to the betterment of life. Again, in the quest of our purpose, let us unlearn and understand that we are not the most important person in this life.

Therefore, we should be less judgmental about how we see others.

We should shun the habit of tracing people’s life to our past unhealthy experience.

We should stop labeling people based on their ethnic group, race, creed, and religion.

The ability to learn and unlearn and relearn this will be the next platform for us to foster a collaborative effort in making the world better.

The next time you feel you are great, make sure you believe others are equally great. And if you can forgive yourself for your weakness, do the same for others. Always magnify the good in others because we are all not created a finished product. It takes time and grace for us to be the best versions of ourselves.

It is well

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