Limitations Are Not Lack Of Ability But Lack Of BeIief

Let me ask this question by borrowing the words of Robert Schuller. He asked, “What would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

Honestly this question is a wakeup call to everyone who wants to make a change.
Often, I say the lion has all the limitation you can think of in the jungle yet it is the king of all animal. The lion is not the tallest, fastest, heaviest or the smartest. The very thing has to do with the belief system of the lion. You have to wake up now and take more risks, push more boundaries, break your own limits.

Sharon Wood, the first North American woman to climb Mount Everest, said of her experience, “I discovered it wasn’t a matter of physical strength, but a matter of psychological strength. The conquest lay within my own mind to penetrate those barriers of self-imposed limitations and get to the good stuff—the stuff called potential, 90 percent of which we barely use.”.

It is time to do what others think you can’t do. The very dream that keeps occurring to you is only telling you that it is possible. Make me proud!

Image source: infinite Universal Photos

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