Rejections Are Re-directions

Sometimes the people who are the closest are treated the most common.

Familiarity breeds contempt and complacency. You can live among something magnificent for a long time and you cease to be amazed by it.

But when people take you for granted, it is sometimes a compliment. It is a compliment to your consistency. That is why your child or relative most often don’t say thank you when you do something for them.

Whenever you start something, people will start praising you and appreciating it. But at a point, they stop because of your consistency. People somehow don’t feel the need to recognized or appreciate what you do again.

So on one side, when they stop complimenting you, it means you are consistent. That alone is a compliment. At least you get to know you are better when people stop complimenting you for your consistency. But keep doing what you are doing.

The other side of the coin is that whiles it is a compliment to you, it is a danger to them. Because what is consistently taken for granted is eventually taken away.

But to put things in context, you have to see the kind of people who are taking you for granted. Sometimes, we undermine ourselves thinking we are the problem, but in most cases, we are not.

Sometimes the reason why people reject you is that they have rejected themselves. Just like how Jesus was rejected, it tells us that the people of Nazareth reject themselves. No wonder, Nathanael asked, can anything good come from Nazareth?

Sadly, when your views are shaped by stereotypes or failures, there would come a time you start believing in them.

Don’t be imprisoned by your thoughts

Don’t be trapped at where you are.

Something good can come out of you.

Don’t be quick to believe things people have said about you. It is time you develop a view about yourself from the prism of who God says you are. If you live the rest of your life believing you are worthless, it will be difficult to worship a God who thought you were worth dying for.

The next time people reject you, understand that they are projecting who they are. In most cases, it has nothing to do with you. We should not be self-centered, thinking it all about us. Sometimes, they are projecting their insecurities, failures, and fears. Men’s denial cannot block your destiny. Don’t wait for people to tell you who you are. Define who you are.

Any rejections you experience are redirections. Some of our greatest blessings can come on the other side of rejection.

Don’t spend the rest of your trying to prove yourself to people.

Don’t spend the rest of your life apologizing for a weak season.

Don’t look to people for their validation. Stop trying to get the attention of people who are not even watching.

In most cases, those whom we seek validation from are not even valid themselves.

Be at peace, and live life on your terms.

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