Don’t Let Life Change Your Name

I was speaking to a friend who completed Senior High School with me. He has been struggling to make ends meet and it is hampering his tertiary education. I asked him if he was happy with his current work. He answered, “Yes Ernest, I will go back to school because I know I am great, and my job is temporal”
I smiled at his confidence and reassured him God will change his story
Lessons from our conversation.

Life is not about what you go through. It is about how you feel about it. Lower your expectations in life; We all have the propensity to go through everything in this life.

Do not let your circumstance define who you are. Do not forget that “how you are” does not define “who you are”. Your strength is to maintain the saying “I know who I am”

Spend time to work on your ‘Who’ rather than your ‘How’. You must make sure you strive and get what you want. Even if it takes you some years, just maintain the saying, I know who I am, do not care about How you are, just believe in who you are.

Do not let life change your name because the blessing is on you, the favor is on you, the gift is on you. So, do not lose yourself in this life.

It is well

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