The Person In The Mirror

You have a lot of people speaking ill of you. Why then do you also speak ill of yourself?

Our bad words create imaginary boundaries in our lives. What you say about yourself will make or unmake you! How long will you critize that person in the mirror? How long will you hate that person in the mirror?

Your words are your tools in life. Instead of using them to build walls that will limit your progress, use them to build bridges to cross to the next level.

Speak well to yourself; shape your future with your words. Do yourself a favor and speak well about yourself. The only person you’ve got in this life is that person in the mirror.

You should never strive to be better than any other person than the person in the mirror. The best competition is never against people but against yourself.

I want to ask you this question, when you pick a mirror, what do you see? Just tell me the person you see.

I am proud of you and I know the person you see is wonderful and powerful.

I believe in you to

Make me proud one day. But before that, be that person in the mirror.

Photo credit: 3joko

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