Find Strength In Your Loneliness

In a world where phones have replaced humans,
I hid myself from people who will use me as a tool.

Seeing everyone busy with little space and time for themselves, I crawled out of my busyness and traveled within myself.

I made myself a priority.

Looking at communication being one-sided,
I took a friends phone to call myself. I became my own best friend.

It has become expensive to have genuine people to connect with.

But in the process, loneliness visited me.

The pain of loneliness made me understand myself better. I fought with my thoughts, both good and bad.

It taught me the best person I would ever meet is myself.

It weaved my expectations with self motivation and clothed me with inner strength.

And if I have survived this, it means, I was lonely but never alone.

I had myself.
And God dwelled in me.
Be your own best friend. Don’t be afraid stand alone.

Standing alone is not always weakness, it is strength too.

It is well

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