Put Your Purpose In The Purpose Of Others

Our world is connected and great things are achieved when we team up for a common good.

There are people who may not have a big dream of their own. But they are just like that tiny wire that connects the battery to the engine in a car in order for the car to move.

It may be that God will connect you to someone who has a dream for you to join in that dream.

When Jesus meets the fishermen, he told them to follow him. He gave them a dream, he gave them passion and he gave them purpose. You need to embrace and support people’s purposes if you know your purpose will connect and make the dream bigger.

Sometimes God literally design someone to come along to work with you. Team work makes the dream work. Every great person is great because people came together to support them. Put your purpose in the purpose of others. Yes! You need people to make that dream come true.

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