“You Don’t Need To Turn Around, But Please Accept This Money”

There is nothing that brings much impact and self-fulfillment on people than giving to others.  Giving is the highest level of living.

The following story is told more detailed by Ilene Wright. Here is my abbreviated version:

Years ago, Ilene’s preacher noticed a family standing in front of him at a New Orleans convenience store didn’t have enough money to pay for their few items. He tapped the man on the shoulder and said, “You don’t need to turn around, but please accept this money.” The man took the money without ever seeing the preacher.

Nine years later, the pastor was invited to speak at a church in New Orleans. After the service, a man walked up to the preacher and shared this story about how he had come to faith in Christ: “Several years ago, my wife and our child were destitute. We had lost everything, had no jobs, no money and were living in our car. We also lost all hope, and agreed to a suicide pact, including our child. However, we decided to first give our son some food, so we drove to a convenience store to buy him some food and milk.”

“While we were standing in line at the store, we realized that we did not have enough money to pay for these items, but a man behind us asked us to please take the money from his hand and not look at him. This man told us that ‘Jesus loves you.’”

“We left the store, drove to our designated suicide site, and wept for hours. We couldn’t go through with it, so we drove away. As we drove, we noticed a church with a sign out front which said, ‘Jesus love you.’ We went to that church the very next Sunday, and both my wife and I were saved that day.”

He then told the pastor, “When you began speaking this morning, I knew immediately that you were the man who gave us that money.” How did he know? The pastor was from South Africa and had a very distinct accent. He continued, “Your act of kindness was much more than a simple good deed. Three people are alive today because of it.”

As I reflected on this story, I pledged to myself to do good regardless the little I have. I know some people have been blessed with money, good families and wonderful career but they are stingy and suspicious of others. It is time to give to help to others.

God will bless you


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