Money Can Only Assist You; Not Complete You

If I may be truthful to you about money, it serves only two purposes. The first is that it gives you options to get many things and secondly it gives you the opportunity to help others.

There are times people feel money is what would make them complete. Not to talk about social media, where materialists find money to be a path way to help them feel valuable.

Our value is not in what we wear or put on our body. Money only assists us but it doesn’t define us. What defines us is love, peace, kindness, good manners and gratitude.

When one are able to dig deeper into himself or herself, one would realize that people often hide their true lives (self worth) under material stuff thinking that is the answer.

One may be privileged enough to attain all the riches in the world, yes! But that person should use that privilege which may be money to help and support people who are embarking on a noble cause. Use the money to touch lives. Make it an instrument to connect the world and make it a better place.

You are more than the money you have.

You are more than all your material possession

You are full of energy, love and kindness.

Never cease to brighten people’s life with what you have.

Always remember that a candle loses nothing when it lightens another candle.


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