Don’t live a lie

We live in a world where majority mask their pain with pleasure. The standards set by the society coupled with tradition have inhibited our freedom. We turn to forget who we were when growing up.

I remembered when I was first enrolled into a school, I had a lot of expectations. In addition to my expectations, where the expectations of my family. 

I am not the only victim of their expectations. I do believe a lot of people are caught up in the same trap; where one is told to pursue a certain career in his life. 

In the process of become their expectations, we have become masters of concepts and theories. We are well vested with almost all information, but we know nothing about ourselves. The sad part of it is that we have thrown our dreams in the valley of despair. We are full of emptiness.

The message I have for you is simple;

Don’t waste a second of your life living a lie.  Stop making a fool out of yourself.

The popular cliché is that “You would only live once”.

But more importantly; what does it make when you live it in a lie?

Break the barrier and burdens in your mind. You are not too old to start all over. Give your self a quality life.  Leave according to your own standards and measures. There is no rush in it. Just make the best out of your life.

Start appreciating the small things that makes you happy. Be content with your gifts and talents.

Don’t imitate anybody. Never think you will fail by following your heart. Even if you think you have failed, I just want to tell you that your originality has/would inspire somebody.

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