I Am Who I Am, Because Someone Loved Me

Because somebody loved me

“I am who I am,” he said, “because someone loved me.” As I reflected on the words of Dr. Cornell West, images of various mentors and teachers flashed in my mind. I thought of all the kind, loving souls who have reached out to me over the year. The outstanding person so far has been my father. Looking at all that he sacrificed for me including his happiness just to put smiles on my face. This humbles me in life.

I remembered telling my mom on my 16th birthday that “No matter how bad life treats her, she should always see a bright future and it is my responsibility to make it happen.” We have all been touched and helped by people who may not necessarily be our parents. Due to their loving-kindness we have been able to reach where we are today.

One of my good lawyer friends (Mr Barimah Onesimus), gave me his bank statement and helped me process my visa. He even paid some of the cost for me before travelling. I reached out to thank him. What he said to me still lingers in my heart.

He told me, “Just like the way I have been a vessel to help you, when you grow up, do the same for others”
I shed tears when I read the text on my phone. I was so humbled.

Regardless of what we may go through in life, I have come to a better understanding that some people are very interested in our success. They want to see us go up. They want to see us in our very best.

Mr Felix Dade, who has been very instrumental in my life said to me, “I want you to go up there, I want to see you win in this life.”

All these words are seeds in my heart and every day they grow. I find ways to water these seeds by showing kindness and compassion to others. By investing my time in people. Sharing my knowledge with them. I want to make people win, I want to see others at the top too.

As you read this message;

Take this time to reflect on people who touched you with love and compassion. They are the reason why you are probably who you are today. Reach out to them and say, “Thank you”. They served you and took the risk for you.

Always remember the word of Dr Cornell West, “you are who you are because someone loved you, somebody cared for you, somebody attended and focus on you. 
Gratitude is a fertile soil for great success in life.

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