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  1. Seek GOD. God should be the first in everything you do. Start making time for him and he will direct your steps. A popular saying goes this way God remembers those who remember him. In all your ways acknowledge him.
  2. Have purpose. Purpose is the reason why you were created. You are a solution to a problem God knew they will ask your generation. Search out for your purpose and if you already know yours, give in your best to make them happen. But if you do number one very well, number two will be easier.
  3. Keep records of your blessings. Always keep records of those who have helped you and the opportunities that have come your way. God will open more doors and people will do more for you if you appreciate their little efforts.
  4. Be wary of some friends. Avoid negative people who always want you to win whiles in their heart they hope you fail. Also most of them want to see you do good but not more than them. Be wary of those who laugh with you whiles they want the worst for you. Pray for your friends anytime you doing number one.
  5. Test before you trust. It is good to have vision, but sometimes sharing that vision with some people is not always the best. Think about this, why did God tell Abraham to move away from his family to a land he will show him? That means sometimes close people can be your greatest hindrance in life. Test their commitment before you tell them your plans.
  6. Develop your leadership qualities. Your leadership qualities are left for you to develop. You have the spirit of a leader but you must develop your qualities. Buy books, go to programs, and search out for people who are like-minded. You are responsible for yourself; make yourself the person you wish to meet in this life. It all begins with your mindset.
  7. Learn to forgive yourself and others. Be slow to anger and don’t criticize others too much when they step on your toes. When you offend people, forgive yourself first and ask for forgiveness too. You are human and you cant always be perfect.
  8. Sacrifice for your dreams. Be ready to pay the price for greatness. Your value is in your sacrifices. If you want to be the best in sometimes, invest time, energy and love into it. Stay in the night to learn, refine your gifts and ideas, pay the price for your dream and the world will pay you back when you are well refined.
  9. Never lose hope. Judas threw the money in the temple and went to hung himself. Mind you Peter and Judas did the same things but their approaches were different. Immediately you lose hope in this life, your life automatically ends. Always have faith in yourself and have faith in others. Never answer a temporal situation with a permanent answer. Suicide should never be an option, time changes.
  10. Be a good example. Give when you have, lend a hand to others, visit your parents and buy your love ones and friends gifts. Become a beacon of hope for other to imitate. Learn to mentor someone in your life. Leaders produce more leaders, not followers.

It is well

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