You Won’t Be A Failure In 2019

There is one thing people forget to understand in life. That is you can hate someone, you can wish the person bad or seek the downfall of that person.
You can even go to the extent of spreading lies and painting the person bad to others. But it doesn’t change who they are destined to be.

Whether one bless or curse you just know that people are loved by God. Nobody in this world can change what God has destined in your life.

When people offend you, forgive them. when you offend others ask for forgiveness too.
And if they decide to leave you, just wish them well.
Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are bigger than karma. Simply, because the love of God in you is far beyond the cause and effect on this earth.

If you trust God and love him, regardless your past, God’s love will take you to a place karma can’t reach.

You won’t fail in this year.
That is why I specially dedicate this article to you.

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