Progress Isn’t A Straight Line

They told me, what you are looking for is also looking for you.
I asked them, “But what version of myself would attract what I am looking for?”

“You don’t need to be perfect,” they say,
And I ask, “why don’t you allow me to chase it and at least catch excellence?.”

Life was designed to be lived in stages. For every product in the market, we can attest that it went through stages during the manufacturing period.
Similarly, we are God’s products. And for every stage, God is looking for a version of us to tap his blessings.

Therefore, some of our unanswered prayers could be that we haven’t attained the version that could get us our desired results.
On this note, I want you to take life easy.
Take one step at a time.
Be patient with the things you want and grow into them.

Once you grow into things you want, you would understand that progress is messy and tough. In the same light, you will get understand how to maintain what you have acquired.

Whatever you don’t grow into, you can’t acquire. Even if you acquire them, you can’t maintain it.


Simply because you don’t understand what you have acquired. Therefore, your progress requires effort, energy, time and resources.

Take time to build capacity and value will follow you. Embrace all the thorns you meet and you will find the rose in them.

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