You Are A Masterpiece: The Wisdom In The Potter’s House

The journey to the Potter’s house was one I will never forget. Our class was scheduled for a workshop on clay making at Rajasthan (some part of India).  I enjoy moving out of the classrooms for any workshop, but this time, I wasn’t really consumed by the excitement.

When we got to the Potter’s house, an indigene was introduced to us. He took us through clay making with some demonstration. It was quite interesting for me because I couldn’t understand his demonstration looking at the speed at which he was using.

After the demonstration, we were given a ball of clay each with a bat to start molding the clay.

Well, I didn’t expect things to move so fast, so I hesitated. I just observed how the potter was molding the clay. My focus was to understand the wisdom that goes into clay making.

At that stage of my life, I was equally going through different phases. When I gazed on the press mold with clay sitting inside and my life, I saw myself as the clay. I got deep insights into the process and I feel you will be blessed by it.

1. Before the potter gets on the wheel: he already knows what products he going to make. This implies that before God created you, he already knew what you can become.

2. The potter never questions the nature of the clay in his hands no matter what. This implies that God doesn’t concern himself with your imperfections. No matter what you have done, he can still use it for greater works.

3. The potter keeps changing the speed of the wheel at any point whiles molding the clay. This means that no matter what you think about life. Just be patient with yourself and God. Sometimes, God will make things move fast. Other times, things will move slow. Even there are times that he stops everything but one thing you must understand is that he never stops working on you.

4. The potter is never giving up on fallen clays during throwing on the wheel. Whatever be the case, he still picks the fallen clay and mould it into something beautiful. This means that no matter how many times you fall, God will pick you up. You are still important to him; he needs you to complete his purpose for our lives.

5. After the potter is done making the clay (raw ware), he put then in a kiln under a glaze fire to get their color and strength. That means that God knows the pressure you can endure regardless. He would put you through what you endure and be with you. The potter waits on the kiln for his products. You are never alone. God is closer than you think.

6. The potter displays his products for others to see. This means that God sometimes knows how to hide you until it is your time. Always trust the process you are undergoing. And believe in the appointed time, you will see his glory in you. You will shine.

Keep fighting the good fight of faith.

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