I Love You; But Can’t Buy You A Flower- Part II

By Munawar

In search of another world

Sometimes, ecstasy is too problematic. Amir, a boy from godforsaken place had never traveled by flight. This was the first time that he booked an airline ticket, although he put a hefty stone on his stomach when he opened the payment gateway.

Not one or two, four hours earlier, he bid adieu to people from that world as if he was some kind of a star and those beauteous woman, on Airline, welled up in makeup were readying themselves to welcome him.

He was quite an ambitious guy.

People were still struggling with their sleep hangovers, young men in and around were yawning with their mouths wide open, so wide that a giant airplane could vanish in it. Dogs were barking as if there were some unscrupulous thieves infringing that space, though some of them busied themselves urinating on high-end car tires.

It was early in the morning.

Amir reached Airport, he was asked to furnish his ID card. He got hold of it, adjusted air-ticket between his lips and walked himself towards a security person.

Sir, where should I take this luggage?

Put it on that x-ray machine.

Now, this comment made Amir feel anxious as he had packed some materials that were not allowed inside the airline.

Oh! Don’t start with classic conjectures; he was just carrying a scissor and a paper cutter.

Anyway, those x-ray men could not find anything and he was given a green signal.

In the morning, or shall we say during previous night. Amir dialed phone numbers of series of his friends. Some of them picked while some missed. Actually, he wanted someone to drop him at the Airport. None of them signaled yes.

Everyone shamelessly came up with some reason or other and denied Amir’s demand. In our lives, when we own a great wealth, both material and non-material, people run after us and during the darkest times people run away from us.

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